As the Preferred builder for


many developers in this region, Mountain Standard Homes approaches planned development construction slightly different than the traditional builder.  

Construction Techniques and Costs

Mountain Standard takes a proactive position in engineering quality into its products without compromising profits.  This is done by ensuring materials are methodically evaluated and sourced, labor is highly skilled and competent, and construction plans are clearly communicated to all project team members.  

A core company principle and construction technique is the application of Lean construction practices.  Similar to quality engineering, Mountain Standard is actively engaged ensuring projects are executed at their most optimum level through the reduction of non-value-added labor, materials, and processes ultimately promoting operational efficiencies. 

Construction Analytics and Performance Measurement

Mountain Standard Homes utilizes a series of analytical systems and tools to continually monitor project performance, identify opportunities for improvement, anticipate variances and change, and to ultimately build consistency and predictability into every project.  Through the identification of the company’s primary performance metrics, or Key Performance Indicators (KPI’s), Mountain Standard is able to utilize the data to establish new performance benchmarks, optimize production, and eliminate non value-adding activities.  Some of the company’s key performance indicators include:

•    Cost per square foot to construct (per trade / per subcontractor)
•    Cost per square foot by home type
•    Sales price per square foot by home type
•    Gross and net profit per square foot by home type
•    Days to construct per square foot by home type
•    Number of building starts and completions per month by home type

Additionally, the company’s operational team manages project execution using the Earned Value Management construction philosophy.  In a single integrated system, Earned Value Management is able to provide accurate forecasts of project performance problems, which is an important contribution for project management.  

Quality Control

Mountain Standard Homes demands excellence in construction from its subcontractors and trade professionals and requires all materials and labor to be of the highest quality.  The control of quality is further executed through the continuous engagement of company project management and leadership.  Mountain Standard believes that planned work and lean construction practices aid in driving product quality and thus has a direct correlation with the company’s key project management metrics.